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. 2 min read

| Image by NeONBRAND via Unsplash Copyright-free

Chatbots are also known as conversational agents  – they are the software applications that mimic written or spoken human speech for the purposes of simulating a conversation or interaction with real person. There are two ways in which chatbots are offered to the auditory: via web-based applications or native apps.

Natural language processing, knows also as NLP, is the heart of chatbot technology. It is the same technology that forms the ground of the voice recognition systems used by virtual assistants such as Cortana, Siri, Bixbi or Google Assistant.

The purpose of  the chatbot functionality at WorldRemit is to reduce customer contact with a human customer service agent.

There are top 5 visited FAQs pages:

·         Verification
·         Getting started
·         Cancellations & refunds
·         Cash pick-up
·         Bank transfers

Our chatbot covers all the areas from our website FAQs. The content of chatbot consists of the following categories:

·         CH (Changes) – Changing recipient details, cancellations, refunds, changing account details
·         GE (General) – Details on our services
·         TR (Funds not received) – Transfer tracking and issues
·         EV (Everything else) – Identity verification, Promotions (e.g. Refer A Friends, 3FREE)

Chatbot landing page:

The chatbot pilot was launched between 31st October and 8th November 2019, available only in English. It was accessible for both anonymous and authorised users to their online account on web.

Example of the conversation:

The main goal is to improve the bot's natural language understanding. The future target is to achieve 60% success rate for bot in a four week timeframe. Success rate is measured by:
·        Bot can respond to 60% of sessions – returns a valid archetype with subject matter
·         User sentiment is at least 60% (user clicks thumb up when the query is resolved properly)

Our chatbot functionality has been developed by our engineering teams in cooperation with Twyla.