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Cash pick-up

Cash pick-up

. 2 min read

| Image by Alistair MacRobert via Unsplash Copyright-free

Cash pick-up is one of the delivery methods within the WorldRemit services. In the past, when a sender has made a transfer with cash pick-up delivery method, then the cash pick-up reference was sent to the recipient via SMS and/or email. This was dependent on the sender giving us the right details for the recipient. In the first half of 2019 around 1% of transactions each month had cases logged about 'Requested Assistance with Pickup' or 'SMS/Email Not Received'.

The purpose of making an improvement was to understand the way in which senders connect with their recipient networks, and to reduce the number of cases raised for these two reasons.

After the improvement, when a sender makes a transfer for cash pick-up delivery and their transactions become available for pickup, the sender is now able to:

  • See the cash pick-up reference for that transfer on the transfer status page
  • Easily share the following with their recipient:
    • Cash pick-up reference
    • Phrase (if applicable for that correspondent)
    • Locations for pick-up (if available for that correspondent)

The sender can copy the cash pick-up reference to clipboard and share it with their recipient via any channel. Senders can in some cases also use Web Share API to choose any of the communicators to pass the reference - at this time Web Share API is supported only by a limited list of browsers.

Picture 1: Cash pick-up reference on the transfer status page

The cash pick-up reference will only be displayed when status of the transfer is “available for collection” and will not be displayed when transfer is held, cancelled, failed, paid or collected.

The graph below depicts the preferences of our senders when it comes to sharing reference numbers. The vast majority of our Android senders choose WhatsApp to share reference with recipients.

Picture 2: Customers' share preference on Android

Since August, when this new feature was released for Web and Android, the number of cases raised for 'SMS / Email not received' is decreasing every month.

Cash pick-up reference functionality has been implemented by the Friction Team.